What type of product that can sell online?

Not all, but most products can sell online, ranging from physical items & goods, foods, drink and digital items. But not hazardous item, firearm or porn.

Can smartphone and tablet make order from the online shop?

YES. Most of the design are responsive, mean its ready and suit to view on smartphone and it will adjust the size accordingly.

I have no clue about internet & website, can I sell?

YES you can! At ShopJedi we believe you should focus on your business and product, let the technical stuff to us.

What I need to sell online?

All you need its a Domain name, and the rest will be handle by us including the hosting and email.

What language your support provide?

We are Malaysian, so we are able to speak, write and help you in English, Chinese and Malay.

Do I need to spend alot in shooting amazing photos?

Product photos are important as it usually help in the sales. But you don’t need high budget, but can do it yourself. We can will teach you on this.