General Question

What type of product that can sell online?

Not all, but most products can sell online, ranging from physical items & goods, foods, drink and digital items. But not hazardous item, firearm or porn.

Can I have my own domain for my store?

YES. All Shopify store which can be connected to your own prefer domain that you have purchased. If you are register with, you may refer this link about how to point your domain from GODADDY into your Shopify store.

Can smartphone and tablet make order from the online shop?

YES. Most of the design are responsive, mean its ready and suit to view on smartphone and it will adjust the size accordingly.

I have no clue about internet & website, can I sell?

YES you can! At ShopJedi we believe you should focus on your business and product, let the technical stuff to us.

What I need to sell online?

All you need its a Domain name, and the rest will be handle by us including the hosting and email.

What language your support provide?

We are Malaysian, so we are able to speak, write and help you in English, Chinese and Malay.

Do I need to spend alot in shooting amazing photos?

Product photos are important as it usually help in the sales. But you don’t need high budget, you can do it by yourself. We can guide you about this, just contact our team for the guidance.

I don't have Credit Card for my Shopify plan, can I using Debit Card for the payment?

Sorry no, at the moment, Shopify is only accept credit card or Paypal for their monthly plan payment.

About Our Plan

What different of sedan setup plan and limo setup plan?

Both plan are different on quantity of products item setup and sedan plan is without design services. If you need our team to doing the design for your store, only Limo setup plan onwards will included our design services.

If I already have setup my products into the store and I would like get the limo setup service for design purpose only, have any discount?

YES. If there is not need to setup products or categories into your store, we only provide design service only which there will be 20% discount from limo setup package. But if you still need us to create the categories for your products, then there will no any discount for that.

What you mean white label in your setup plan?

White label means that will not put our brand such as “Design by” into your store footer there.

I have custom features need for my Shopify store, can you setup that?

YES we can. You may contact us for more info about custom features that you need. Our team will research if there have any 3rd party Shopify app ready for that features and will quote you about the setup fees for you.

I have no idea how to maintain my store, do you have maintenance service for that?

Yes we do. You may refer to our maintenance hour which we are charging based on hour rate.

What is the different maintenance hour and membership plan?

Maintenance hour is more about maintenance services that you need from our team. Example that you need our team to upload new slider or products into your store. And for membership plan is more about support services. It is advice that you have your own technical team to maintain your store, and with our membership plan, if your technical person have issue, which they can contact our Shopify expert team for help. With Premium VIP membership plan which we can update or modified your Shopify liquid code without additional charges. Please take note all membership plan is not for add on new custom features liquid code.