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The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.

The more deeply the human foot is examined, the stranger and more complex it is found to be.

The role of foot has dramatically changed through evolution from ape to human. Our distant ancestors, who lived in trees, left the forests and evolved to walk on the ground with two legs. Although the role of the foot has changed from grasping and hanging from branches to walking and running while balancing the weight of the body, we can still recognize the past uses in the complex shape of the foot.

We named this new five-toed sock with new sense of feeling “Apewalk” to recall the amazement and freshness of the early age when the ancestors of humans first began to walk on the ground with two legs.

Unique new technologies are introduced to this item, including a frill shaped cushion (LaddaFit™) arrayed on the back of the bottom face, a curvy stripe design with a ventilation function, and a thick part behind the ankle to support the Achilles tendon.

This item was specially designed for active use such as running or walking.

We hope you will try this new sock with a new feeling.

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