Dnine Official Store

By February 18, 2023May 11th, 2023Blogs, Online Store, Portfolio
Dnine Official Store

Shopjedi has been engaged to assist Dnine in setting up and designing their official store.

High-end brand from Korea Life-time choice for fashionable men and women

D’Nine is a premium hair care brand originated from Korea, a country rich in internationally renowned beauty makeup that has made countless women poised and elegant.

D’Nine, born in a top Korean factory with a gorgeous life story, represents a hair care brand created jointly by Malaysia and Korea. Its achievements are enough to make the hair care industry of Malaysia and South Korea proud.

D’Nine, a premier hair care brand, boasts of hair care products for fashionable men and women who “will not change brand after use”. It is also a life-time choice of hair care brand for many men and women.

We would like to bring you the brand story of D’Nine.