Dodomons – The creative monster maker

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The Creative Monsters
A colorful world of creative monsters.

Being monster, mean being able to do what ever you want, and SKY its the limit.. or space. Let your creativity take control and make your life more colorful.

“Dodomons” come from the word doodle + monster. Doodle is free style drawing and together with creative and maker monster. Dodomons are in 2D cartoon format, where we have different type of monster with different attitude, style and design.

By using Dodomons, the learning curve are much higher and it attract more attention and interaction from the kids.

Dodomons promote creativity and making thing for kids at early stage.

The activities are tied together with the kid family members, while creating better relationship and education value.

Our Mission

– Our mission is to discover the hidden talent of the student.

– To provide fun and educational class without pressuring the student.

– Encourage the student being themselves, creative and be FREE.

– Each activity has educational values and encourages interaction between the kids and parents

– The home kits come in with activities which parent can use after office hour at home and weekend with their kids
Created item are not mere for display, but functional


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