Eaton – Your local traditional kuih

By March 15, 2014September 6th, 2018Online Store

Eaton is one of the early and traditional local “kuih” provider, from Datuk Kong to Full Moon celebration package. Now with new e-commerce website, Eaton was able to sell both on the shop and online.

Eaton use Shopify e-commerce system as solution for their e-commerce website. Beside the basic features from the system, we have customize the them template for

  • “Buy Now” button on main page for each product
  • “Order FORM” page where it list down all the products in one single page for easy ordering
  • Additional field for user to fill up at the “Checkout Cart”

eatonweb01 eatonweb02
eatonweb03 eatonweb04


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