MOLPay Shopify update

By December 20, 2018December 4th, 2019Blogs, Shopify Tutorial


MOLPay from “Accept Credit Card” is no longer support by MOLPay.
Molpay screen shot

If you MOLPay is still setting like above. You will received payment into you MOLPay account but in your order from Shopify will notice as abandoned checkout. So you need to remove this and update to new setting as below.

Using this Installation URL:


Getting Started

  • Open the installation URL above, your page will be redirected to a login page to authorized the installation of the Hosted Payment for Shopify.
  • After login, you will be redirected to the installation page. Click on the Add payment gateway
  • Then navigate to Settings –> Payment Providers, you will see MOLPay Hosted Payment at Alternative payment section, click on Edit and fill in the Merchant ID and verify Key provided by MOLPay.
    Molpay update
  • Click Save.


Making Payment

  • Proceed with the checkout, you will see payment gateway selection, select MOLPay then click the Complete Order.


  • Error when checkout:

There was a problem with the payment service. Please select a different payment method or try again later.


Remove existing MOLPay payment option and follow this guide again until MOLPay Hosted Payment appear.